Here are the boats I have for sale. Please scroll down for more info . All four boats are available as of 5/1/19.

Pat Brown Adirondack Guide boat for sale.

This beautiful Pat Brown Guide Boat is for sale. Red cedar strip planked, varnished inside and out, this boat is a proven race winner, previously owned by Rob Gunther.Length is 17', beam is 38 5/8". weight around 80 pounds. Includes all the gear in the photos. 

Price, $4,500.00


Jon Aborn Monument River Wherry

This is one of Jon Aborn’s fast wherrys, built by him. He has won a lot of races with this boat.

Here are the specifications: 

17' LOA

44" Beam

48" Spread at oarlocks

74 lbs Weight when new.  May be a few lbs more now.  Boats seem to get heavier with age.

2014 Built

Includes one pair 8'9" spruce oars.

Includes a drop in seat assembly so can be rowed as a double.  Mostly intended to be rowed as a single but I built the rig so my daughter could row with me.  

Ocumme plywood, 4 mil sides and 6 mil bottom.  4 oz fiberglass cloth on outside.  Taped seam construction.  Aircraft Dacron decks over watertight compartments at ends for flotation and self-rescue.

This is a fast boat, I have rowed it. It’s not a beginner boat, being a bit tender, but that’s the trade off for speed.

Asking Price is $1,200.00


Hartley TS16 For Sale!

The Hartley TS16 is a 5 meter (16.4 ') sailboat designed in Australia specifically for use with a trailer . The boat is built of plywood, and is in very good condition. It is here on Cape Cod. Includes custom trailer. There is a lot of info on the boat available on the internet, here’s a link to the official Hartley TS16 web site , and to the specifications page. Measurements are metric, but can easily be converted to US feet and inches using a readily available conversion table.

Price is $1,250.00, including the custom trailer.


Nutshell Pram for Sale!

I have at my shop a 7’9” Nutshell pram, designed by Joel White. I built this boat from a kit in 1986, it has been stored inside and never used! All wood is in excellent condition, needs paint.It is the sailing version, so it includes daggerboard and trunk, trunk cap(very important when rowing…), rudder and tiller, mast, boom, yard, tanbark sail. Sail was built by Center Harbor Sails, Brooklin, ME, has 2 small holes easily patched, and has a yellow pennant.
Included are the original plans. Two bronze oarlock sockets, no oarlocks or oars. Bronze rudder fittings. Also missing is the running rigging- no sheet, halyard, blocks. A new kit to build this boat is $2,990.00 plus $300.00-600 shipping. The sail is not included in the kit, a new sail is $255.00 plus shipping. So the asking price is a true bargain.

Price - $2,800.00

Bonus find!

Included with the pram is a pair of shop made oars. These are 61/2’ Pete Culler style spoon blade oars, Sitka Spruce, varnished and leathered, red accents on the tips. They look new, never used.

pramoars - 1s.jpg


Not a Boat !

A free- form coffee table built form a beautiful live edge plank of figured ash. The base is also ash. Top is varnished with Epifanes marine varnish, bottom and legs are oiled with Decks Olje #1.

Size- length 57”, width-21”, height -16”. Top is 1 1/2” thick.

Price- $500.00. Pick up here in Wellfleet only.